Being Adaptive

For some time climate change adaptation was marginalised and took second place to mitigation

beingadaptive2Climate change offers adaptation two key challenges.

The first challenge is simply that many climate change impacts will be significant. This means that risks have to be carefully assessed and proactive action taken.

The second challenge is that climate change is another layer on top of existing organisational, social, economic, cultural, developmental and environmental changes.

We understand that being adaptive and effectively managing climate change impacts, also means successfully adapting to other challenges – and embracing change as a constant.


  • Organisational readiness assessment
  • Adaptive entry points identification
  • Organisational analysis and change
  • Vulnerability and impact assessment – strategic or site specific
  • Institutional and policy analysis
  • Change threshold identification
  • Participatory project design
  • Mentoring and capacity building
  • Education and communications planning

Case studies


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