UNDP: Adaptation in the Coastal Zones of Mozambique

Title: Adaptation in the Coastal Zones of Mozambique
Client Type NGO (UNDP Mozambique)
Our Role Coastal Zone Management Expert

The Challenge

What is the optimal design of an adaptation project to help coastal communities in Mozambique adapt to climate change?

Much of the south and central parts of the Mozambique coastline are particularly vulnerable to climate change. UNDP Mozambique is committed to developing the capacity of communities living in the coastal zones of Mozambique to manage climate change.As part of this work, a Coastal Zone Management Expert was required to provide input into the Project Development Phase of the subsequent GEF-funded project.

Dr Ailbhe Travers, travelled on mission to Mozambique to review field sites and engage with key project stakeholders. The mission was to inform an adaptation options analysis, covering both built and natural adaptation solutions, clearly indicating pros and cons of each option. Indicative capital and maintenance costs were also included for stakeholders to consider. For further information about this project, refer to the UNDP Mozambique website.


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