Climate change will affect the ability for governments to effectively deliver their services to the communities they serve

Global Warming The extent to which climate change will impact government service delivery will vary in a multitude of different ways – ranging from the effective integration of climate change into the provision of essential infrastructure through to community health and ecosystem management.
Adaptive Futures provides consultancy and support in adaptation, risk assessment, monitoring and evaluation for:

  • Local and municipal councils
  • State and provincial governments
  • National governments

We understand the decision-making contexts that face each level of government.

We will work closely with your government organisation to provide appropriate support for effective adaptation, based on a decision-context, levels of vulnerability, degrees of risk, mitigation co-benefits and an understanding of potential barriers and opportunities for implementation.

Our approach to adaptation planning is sensitive to a Government’s environmental, social, financial and legal obligations.

Our extensive work with Government means that we are:

  • A preferred supplier for the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)
  • Part of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) List of Experts
  • Preferred consultants with UN Environment Programme, UN Development Program (multiple regions) and
  • Roster of experts to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change


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